Monday, March 29, 2010


Had a 2 state weekend, with not too much action at first. It ended way better though.
Went West for some Manistees, and we thought it was going to be great fishing. Turns out we were horribly wrong. We hit 2 medium sized flows, with angling pressure out the waa-zoo. I walked for miles and miles (literally) with no signs of spawning pairs. I guess we'll have to wait another week or two. We did get to see a lot of new water, which is never bad in my book. I feel that we can definitely do well upon returning to the first waters. That is, as long as the fish are there. I caught 3 fish at these 2 places. 2 at river A, and 1 at stream B.
Beautiful Morning

We later went to yet another spot. I think my buddy landed 6, and I landed 5, in the hours that we were there. For the amount of fish that were there (not tons at all), it was AWESOME! They were paired up everywhere, and the males were as aggressive as ever to defend their ladies. I only hooked into 2 females all afternoon. But the males we caught were strong and fought like hell. Biggest was around 30 in. and 10 lbs
A few pics...

There is still snow in some places

Nice male

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