Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nice Day

We stocked the 2 streams closest to my house yesterday, and I helped float stock an area in DHALO. So, I woke up and headed out early this morining to see what we had and where they were. It was in the high 20's and the water temp was 35 as of 830 AM. I drifted a few spots, while doing more looking and walking than anything else. I ended up bringing one to hand

By midday, the sun was flying high, with the water temps up to 39. So I found a nice pod of fish in a nice run, and began bottom bouncing my egg/nymph rig. I lost a nice fish within the first 5-10 min, and saw a few more, so I decided to stick it out for a few more. Not more than a couple minutes later, I felt the strike, and saw this guy shaking his head. I caught 3 or 4 more before calling it a day.

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