Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Tube Fly Designs

I wanted to post some pictures of my new ties. So, here they are.


Senyo's Ice Man Minnow

Egg-Sucking Leech

"Lady Leech"

Olive Sculpin

Wooly Bugger

Black Wine Tube

Red Spey

Black Purple Spey

Balki Bartokomous


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday 1/23/10

I figured the weather was going to be pretty nice from the forecast, so I headed out. I went to the further of my two local streams with plans to walk as far as possible. So, as soon as I got there, me and my dog walked about a half mile downstream, and got in the water at a spot I knew was holding some fish. Mad a couple of casts, and on about the 3rd one, I had a nice fish on. I proceeded to land it and get back to it. Then, about 10 casts later, I had another fish on. I caught one more there, and moved on. I walked, and fished, and walked and fished some more. Along my travels I picked up one two more, and lost at least 5 or 6. You wouldn't believe the fight in these fish. I had one come 2 feet out of the water, like steel! It was nuts! Also, the fact that 4 out of 5 fish I landed were at least 12 inches. With 2 15+. Great day, weather, and fishing. I even ran into a couple of buddies towards the end of the day.

Looks like something had a hold of this one...


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/19/10 in DHALO

I woke up expecting the best of conditions on my home waters, and found out I was wrong. First of all, it was a lot colder than the weather called for. Second, the stream was high, and very cloudy. I didn't expect much, but I still gave 'er a go. Walked down to the first spot, and left quickly because it was too fast and I didn't have much confidence in it. So, me and the dog cruised downstream to another good spot. I was happy to see that it was flowing moderately fast, but not too fast to get a good drift. So, I casted out the same nymph (can't help it, the thing works), and within the first 10 casts, I had a small bow. I proceeded to get 2 more very quickly following the first, and that was it for the day. Of course I didn't expect to be shut off for the next 4 hours. But, it was fun regardless. I was pretty happy to even have landed 3 fish, given the conditions. And as always, being outside on the stream cures some of the cabin fever. Even if it isn't Steel.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday in DHALO

Went to a local stream about 10 min from my house to check out the flows and color yesterday. Upon arrival, I was pleasatly surprised with green-tinted water and a great flow. The visibility was somewhere around a foot. Me and my dog walked and walked, and walked some more. Along the way I picked up a couple here and there. I then proceeded to make the journey upstream, to a favorite spot of mine out of DHALO. I landed, and lost one there. I then kept walking and missed a couple, before ending my trek at about the 5 mile mark. This was the point where my pelvis was getting too sore. (I fractured it last Nov.) Great day to be out. Perfect water and temps. And the fish that were left were pretty eager to take that same nymph. I couldn't belive it. All fish came from the same fly, not pattern, but actually the first rig I had tied on that morning. Enjoy.

A meeting of the minds...


Dog Stalking Ducks..

Dog Chasing Ducks...

All-terrain Wolf Spider

The fish


Thursday, January 7, 2010


These are the same patterns as the last time I posted, just sized up for Steelhead and Brownies in Erie and Ontario. Also, this time I've included a new pattern, and the tutorials of how to tie the wiggle nymphs.

San Juan Worms made out of blood red v-rib or substitute (one is ribbed for her pleasure)

Wiggle Prince

Hook: any nymph hook 2x strong 1x long sizes 10-18
Thread: black 6/0
1st hook:
Tail: black goose biots
Body: peacock herl
Rib: copper wire
When finished, cut the whole hook bend off.

2nd hook:Scud hook sizes 10-18
First, start off by wrapping back to about the barb. Next, put a little piece of mono through the first hook eye, double it over itself. and tie into the 2nd hook. The rest is in order.
Wingcase: 9-10 strands of pearl flash
Body: peacock or olive ice dubbing (wrap in between tails and wings)
Tails (2 sets): yellow goose biots
Then, wrap the wingcase of flash over everything.
Wings are 2 white goose biots, and then tie off.

Wiggle Stone

white version

Hooks: same as above
Thread: Black 6/0

1st hook:
Tail: black goose biots
Body: black or white dubbing
Rib: mono
Cut off hook, and tie in the same as the first pattern.

2nd hook:
Wingcase: 8-10 strands of flash
Body: blue or peacock ice dubbing
Wings: black goose biots

"PT Cruiser"

Hooks: same

1st hook:
Thread: brown or black 6/0
Tail: Pheasant
Rib: copper wire
Tie in same as above

2nd hook:
Wingcase: pearl flash
Body: peacock or olive ice dubbing
Wings: two black goose biots

I hope to get out and test them sometime soon. Being realistic would say more like a month. I'll post again as soon as I break some new ground or get out there.