Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wednesday 3-31-10

I had a buddy from about an hour away meet me at a home stream to chase some stockies. When I got to the stream it was Nestle Quik, and yet lower than it has been in a while. I put one in hand in an hour of drifts before my friends arrival. My fishin' pal finally showed up, after I missed 3 or 4 more, and we began to cover some ground. We headed back to the car around 1, with me landing 3. So we headed to my home waters. (forgot to add the midge hatch)

I knew it would be low and clear where we were going, but I knew I could get us on some aquatic beings at the same time. Within the first ten minutes, I casted to this brownie that I saw in the riffles.....BAM! great fight, and released quickly.

They were smashing these midges, I could not get them to hit any of my dries, except for my indicator. Twice I may add.

After that beautiful brownie, I thought my life could not get any better. Until I took a few more drifts, and then I felt it............................./ I set the hook immediately. I had hooked into the biggest Trout on a fly rod (besides a Steelhead) in my life! It jumped up and cleared the water like Shamu! I fought it for about 5 full minutes, to receive one of my two flies back at me in a whiplash.
After a dash of profanities, I had at it again, not knowing, yet caring less if I caught another fish this day. Drift. drift, drift........... It's not going to be the same after you miss a fish of that caliber. Then, out of nowhere, there it was! The same fish again, hammered my fly! I was shaking in disbelief, while trying to keep my composure and land the fish at the same time. REDEMPTION!

A picture perfect day

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