Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday In DHALO High and Fast Water

Stuck around my neck of the woods for a half day on a Trout stream. When I saw the water rushing down in the A.M. I didn't have the highest expectations. But that changed as soon as I got a couple of drifts in. Another day of constant hook-ups, even in the super high and fast water. I brought 9 to hand, lost a brownie at my hand, and hooked up with many more. I ended up catching about a 6/4 Bows to Brownie ratio. I was extremely happy with the turnout. I snapped a pic of the three nicest looking fish of the day.
Duck buddies




Just as I was leaving I saw three Red-Tailed Hawks circling above. I managed to take some some pretty good pics of the closest one.

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