Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dented Trout

Caught this one yesterday, amongst others. Most escaped the photo opp. Just had to get this pic up because its so wild.

Monday, March 28, 2011

One Fish

So we went Northwest yesterday to chase some Steel. We got on the creek very early and it was pretty darn cold and windy. For most of the day, ice in the guides was a problem. It also became a problem for my reel, as I dunked it early haha. Regardless of all of this, we still got into some fish. I hooked a nice one early in the morning, only to shake its head a few times and give my fly back. We all rolled a couple, and all managed to catch at least one. I was pretty happy with the fish I landed. It was definitely fresh and full of fight. The best part was during the fight when the fish gave one great jump completely clearing the water, and dove back in. Only to be landed a few seconds later. Despite the lack-luster outcome, we still had fun and no one had to leave skunked. Here's a couple pics of what we saw...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Local Trouting

Got to hit both of my home streams today. It started off a little cold in the morning. By noon, it was 50+ degrees and beautiful. Me and the dog had a great time, and met some nice folks from various places further away. It made me thankful to have these nice little streams this close to my house. It was a great day of fishing as well. I landed well over 10 fish in the combined places, and lost a few here and there also. The first stream I went to was off-color, and the second was low and clear. This gave me an opportunity to employ some different tactics, and see how they worked. Here's what we got to see...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Vagabond Fly Box #3

As you may know, box #3 has been shipped to Jake Kepler in Colorado. Well, here is what we have from him so far...

"The first fly that I chose to use out of Box #3 was this Prince Nymph, that Joe tied up"

I have lost both of Joes Prince nYmph flies. OUt of the remaining 10 flies, which fly do you think caught this fish? (there is a wiggle Hare's Ear being covered by the fish)

Box #3 has been with me for 6 days now, it has been fished for 3 of those days. I have two journies for this box though. This Tuesday I'll be taking it for a hike into the Black Canyon for a few days. Mastadonis Crainbowsius Maximus awaits

April 1st update:
Box #3 meets the Black Canyon

Tungsten bead head olive flashback hare's ear nymph

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April 5th 2011 Update:
Box #3 will be on its way to John Holsten of Arkansas. Hopefully he can pull some big Browns with its contents. Good luck John!
Update April 28 2011:
"The Prince nymph was the fly of the day! fooling over 20 fish, including this White River Cutthroat!!!!"

"I will always underestimate " trout vision" in murky water!"

"White River trout have been keyed on Caddis pupa for well over a month!!! The Prince nymph was the perfect substitute for "dirty water" This Arkansas Brown, though an average fish, is 70% more selective than our Rainbows and Cutthroats. On the White River, The Brown Trout is the ultimate judge of fly patterns!!!!"

"this dude hammered the beadhead hackle from bx#3,on thursday. this was the only pic i could get, battery on the digital died!"
Now the box is with Michael Fritz in PA.
"Fishing was tough with box 3 this weekend ... fished hard and got alot of smaller fish on the wiggle stones but nothin big .... im a huge fan of this pattern already... im taking the box to our tu chapter meeting this week to share its journey with them and hopefully find some bigger fish if the water comes down."
"Taking box 3# on a weekend float trip ... should be really good looking forward to wiggle stones and princes tricking trouts all weekend."
"The float trip was epic box 3 killed it .. i fished the nymphs as droppers and it was constant action.... the prince got the MVP award ... even got two pieces of gold which seem to be the only trout over 20" that were stocked this year ... Pictures will come soon ... also box 3 needs a new home any takers."
"Box 3 has been getting dropped under this large mayfly pattern and doing work!"

"Garbage or Gold either way loves the joes prince!"

Update June 2011: The box has made its way to Terry Edelmann. The wiggle nymphs seemed to work best for him. Here's what he had to add to the show...
"Some very sweet colored fish...."

"Some chubby fish......Box #3 is kicking some fish butt !"

"Nate Wagner and his bro who fishes better than him I hear...borrowed Box #3 and put it to good use today !!"

Aaron Miller
"Got to fish Box #3 with Terry and Angela today. First cast caught this pig. Not a bad way to start the day."

"Vagabond fly box project box #3 really made a dent in the fish in !!"
".......Man we had some fun abusing these flies in N. Idaho !!"

Sneak trip

Went up to some LE tribs Sat and Sun. With most people thinking it was blown here, there was VERY little pressure. There were a lot of fresh fish as well. We had fun, and got into a few here and there. Here's the pics...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Water Hit

It was an awesome day today on my home stream. There were a ton of people, but a ton of willing fish as well. I walked about 2/3 of the DHALO section and caught fish in just about every run I fished. Some were more productive than others, but it was all fun in the end. I saw a dude I know and we caught some fish while fishing a run together and BS'ing for a while. He hooked a pig, and lost it. Then about a half an hour after he left, I was fishing the upper part of the run where he was and nailed an absolute SLAB. It was at least 20in and looked more like a Steelhead! Great day on the local waters with the pup. Can't wait to do it again...