Sunday, February 28, 2010


I went to my local creek in the DHALO area to get out of the house today, and I couldn't ever have prepared myself for what was about to happen. As soon as I get into the gin clear water, I can see a group of fish. So, I decide to stay put and start here. Well, in the first few drifts, I had a nice sized Trout, who escaped the photo opp. I then look towards the back of the run, and I see a very nice sized fish, I just can't tell what it is. So, I proceed to drift to it for about 15 min to no avail. I am just about to give up, when I see its head shake and I bring in this bad boy. I think it caught him under the chin, but I couldn't get close enough to tell. Still, it is unbelieveable that this fish was there. I was near the beginning of the whole stream. Which means that fish in my eyes came miles and miles (at least 10) upstream after entering the mouth of this stream from the Allegheny River. I am still in disbelief, and I laugh every time I think about it. WOW! Enjoy
I finished of the day with this guy. He wasn't huge, but he thought he was with the fight put up.

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