Thursday, January 7, 2010


These are the same patterns as the last time I posted, just sized up for Steelhead and Brownies in Erie and Ontario. Also, this time I've included a new pattern, and the tutorials of how to tie the wiggle nymphs.

San Juan Worms made out of blood red v-rib or substitute (one is ribbed for her pleasure)

Wiggle Prince

Hook: any nymph hook 2x strong 1x long sizes 10-18
Thread: black 6/0
1st hook:
Tail: black goose biots
Body: peacock herl
Rib: copper wire
When finished, cut the whole hook bend off.

2nd hook:Scud hook sizes 10-18
First, start off by wrapping back to about the barb. Next, put a little piece of mono through the first hook eye, double it over itself. and tie into the 2nd hook. The rest is in order.
Wingcase: 9-10 strands of pearl flash
Body: peacock or olive ice dubbing (wrap in between tails and wings)
Tails (2 sets): yellow goose biots
Then, wrap the wingcase of flash over everything.
Wings are 2 white goose biots, and then tie off.

Wiggle Stone

white version

Hooks: same as above
Thread: Black 6/0

1st hook:
Tail: black goose biots
Body: black or white dubbing
Rib: mono
Cut off hook, and tie in the same as the first pattern.

2nd hook:
Wingcase: 8-10 strands of flash
Body: blue or peacock ice dubbing
Wings: black goose biots

"PT Cruiser"

Hooks: same

1st hook:
Thread: brown or black 6/0
Tail: Pheasant
Rib: copper wire
Tie in same as above

2nd hook:
Wingcase: pearl flash
Body: peacock or olive ice dubbing
Wings: two black goose biots

I hope to get out and test them sometime soon. Being realistic would say more like a month. I'll post again as soon as I break some new ground or get out there.


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