Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday 12/27

I tied up some new wiggle nymph patterns based on Greg Senyo's on some size 18's that I had laying around on Saturday, and here's what they look like... I was chomping at the bit all day Saturday to give them a test run, and hoping for the best, as far as the weather goes for Sunday. When the morning rolled around, I was not to be dissappointed. The sun was out, and it was pretty warm also. I proceeded to eat breakfast and gear up. I then grabbed my dog, and off I went. I headed down to a local trout stream to try out the new flies on some stockies. When I got down to the water, I was again pleasantly surprised. The water had a perfect flow, and great green color, with around a foot or less of visibility. I had a white sucker spawn on top, with a wiggle nymph dropper for the test run. Within the first 5 minutes, I lost a couple, but managed to nail a nice fat male on the wiggle stone. From then on, it was fish after fish, with many hooked and lost. Landed one of the day's biggest on my own design, which made my day. Ended up with 8 to shore in the time I was there. Oh, and I even got to enjoy watching two Hawks that flew above me for a little while. It was a great day, as far as I'm concerned, with hopefully many more to come... Here's some more pics and some video to finish out the day... Stay tuned for more posts!


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