Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday 1/23/10

I figured the weather was going to be pretty nice from the forecast, so I headed out. I went to the further of my two local streams with plans to walk as far as possible. So, as soon as I got there, me and my dog walked about a half mile downstream, and got in the water at a spot I knew was holding some fish. Mad a couple of casts, and on about the 3rd one, I had a nice fish on. I proceeded to land it and get back to it. Then, about 10 casts later, I had another fish on. I caught one more there, and moved on. I walked, and fished, and walked and fished some more. Along my travels I picked up one two more, and lost at least 5 or 6. You wouldn't believe the fight in these fish. I had one come 2 feet out of the water, like steel! It was nuts! Also, the fact that 4 out of 5 fish I landed were at least 12 inches. With 2 15+. Great day, weather, and fishing. I even ran into a couple of buddies towards the end of the day.

Looks like something had a hold of this one...


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