Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1/19/10 in DHALO

I woke up expecting the best of conditions on my home waters, and found out I was wrong. First of all, it was a lot colder than the weather called for. Second, the stream was high, and very cloudy. I didn't expect much, but I still gave 'er a go. Walked down to the first spot, and left quickly because it was too fast and I didn't have much confidence in it. So, me and the dog cruised downstream to another good spot. I was happy to see that it was flowing moderately fast, but not too fast to get a good drift. So, I casted out the same nymph (can't help it, the thing works), and within the first 10 casts, I had a small bow. I proceeded to get 2 more very quickly following the first, and that was it for the day. Of course I didn't expect to be shut off for the next 4 hours. But, it was fun regardless. I was pretty happy to even have landed 3 fish, given the conditions. And as always, being outside on the stream cures some of the cabin fever. Even if it isn't Steel.

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