Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday in DHALO

Went to a local stream about 10 min from my house to check out the flows and color yesterday. Upon arrival, I was pleasatly surprised with green-tinted water and a great flow. The visibility was somewhere around a foot. Me and my dog walked and walked, and walked some more. Along the way I picked up a couple here and there. I then proceeded to make the journey upstream, to a favorite spot of mine out of DHALO. I landed, and lost one there. I then kept walking and missed a couple, before ending my trek at about the 5 mile mark. This was the point where my pelvis was getting too sore. (I fractured it last Nov.) Great day to be out. Perfect water and temps. And the fish that were left were pretty eager to take that same nymph. I couldn't belive it. All fish came from the same fly, not pattern, but actually the first rig I had tied on that morning. Enjoy.

A meeting of the minds...


Dog Stalking Ducks..

Dog Chasing Ducks...

All-terrain Wolf Spider

The fish


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