Wednesday, November 2, 2011


A buddy and I made the journey North this past Friday in search of Steel. Little did we know, we'd find some of the nicest, and most unpressured water I have seen in a very long time...
We got to our first spot while it was still dark and we were the only people there which is a good sign. We got on the stream and began fishing when first light came. Right off the bat, we both hooked up and lost a fish. So, I left my buddy where he was fishing and headed downstream. I fished my way down, and back up to no avail. The fish were here, but not in the concentrations they were, and the fish here weren't very active at this point. I made my way back up to my buddy and we fished upstream for a while. This was a little better for both of us. We each got into fish, and decided after an hour or so that we'd take a break.
At this point, I gave a local friend of mine a call so we could meet up. We met him, and another friend after a healthy McDonald's stop and we made our way to a new spot that my friend had permission to access. It was a good little hike down to the water, but it was well worth it. When we reached the stream I saw the promised land. Beautiful water with great color and not a person for miles (literally). We immediately found fish and put my buddy on them. Then, we made our way upstream. My friend and his buddy stopped a little ways up, so I decided to see what was above them. I walked for around 2 miles, fishing spots, and taking pictures as I made my way up this pristine stretch of stream. The sights were surreal, and the fishing was great as well. There were willing participants in just about every run I fished. I made my way back down after a couple of hours with a good pile of fish under my belt and some great memories. My other buddies got into some fish as well, and we shared this great day and also this awesome memory together. I really hope to be able to fish this stretch of stream again very soon with my great friends and some great scenery and fish. Now check out the pics!


  1. wow. beautiful day. wonderful fishing! It doesn't get much better than that.

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