Monday, April 18, 2011

A Season of Firsts

This has been by far one of my best fishing seasons ever. I've already landed a few 20+ inch Trout, and some big Steelhead and lake run Browns. Also, I've been honing my skills at casting and getting better drifts. Now I've finally caught a Palomino, which I've been wanting to get a hold of for some time. We explored a new stream with very little pressure that I'll be hitting up after every big rain since it doesn't really blow out. Here's the pics...
This run was absolutely gorgeous. I caught over 10 fish in it and my buddy pulled a few out as well.


  1. Looking good! Amazing that you were able to get out with all that rain we've had recently.
    Plus you had a good day - can't beat that

  2. We'll go up there sometime Paul. It's so small that it's actually great to fish after a monsoon type rain.