Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Dry Fly Fish

Today I went out with my buddy Paul to my home waters. I was giving him a few pointers, and fishing a little myself too. I ended up picking of one or two here and there. Then, towards the end of the day I came upon a fish feeding on the surface. It was a very aggressive fish to say the least, making a big splash when taking the bugs, not just sipping. I had a big tangle in my leader, so I said what the heck, I'll try a dry. I first tied on a Blue-winged Olive in about a size 16-18. It rose to it about 2 times out of 5 casts and did not commit. I figured I might as well stick with the dry game and try something else. So, I proceeded to throw a size 16-18 tan Elk-hair Caddis at the fish. I could see the fish very good, and it seemed to be enticed. It rose the first time and then nothing but a glance until about the fifth cast. BAM! That fish hit like a ton of bricks! I waited until it turned back down and set the hook with a flick of my wrist. Game on! After a great fight, I landed the fish, snapped a pic or two, and sent it on its way. A great day on the water with a new buddy and my first dry fly fish. Not to mention it was on my home creek with a rod I built and my own flies. It doesn't get much more rewarding than that. A day I'll remember forever...


  1. Nothing like hiting a rise on the surface. Great blog, you got a new follower

  2. Thank you sir and welcome aboard!