Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Worldwide Vagabond Box #4

The world wide Vagabond Fly Box #4 will be going to Carl Eklind from Sweden. He plans to use them for inland Brownies and Rainbows. Best of luck to you Carl! Updates to follow...

"As the choosen one for the Vagabond Box #4 the worldwide box, I have to introduce myself.

My name is Calle Eklind, 30 years old and I live in the southern part of Sweden in a district called Västra götaland. I live in a city called Lidköping and it lays beside the biggest lake in Sweden, Vänern. I live there with my girl Paula and our son Emil(soon two years old). I work as a teacher and yes, we take some fishing trips with the kids a few times every year;-).

I have fished all my life as I have the great lake so near and also a lot of small creeks and lakes aswell. I started fly fishing for real 5 years ago and I think it is the most ultimate fishing experience you can get. Just see that trout rising for your own tied mayfly after that perfect cast is a blast. The whole ecosystem in a creek/lake is one of the wonders in nature and I can sit on a rock in my little creek just watching the whole thing for ages.

I mostly fly fishing for brown trout and rainbows but the last years I have went to the west coast and chased the silver, the seatrout. So challenging but great fun.

I have the opportunity to lease my own little creek for free only 10 min by bike from my home and it holds a tribe with beatiful wild brown trout and a population of wild rainbow trouts aswell. It is pretty sweet to go there and just have look and mayby catch one, fight it, take a pic and release it. Those memories will warm on those cold winter nights we have here.

My project is to start working to restore the creek as it ones was. Some friends and I have already started to plan it, we just need the landlords word. But it is a slow process and it will take many years to do it. There is a similar creek a few kilometers from my own and there is about 30 cool dudes that have restored the whole creek, and the result is wonderful. The creek that one was dead has rise again and it has the the most biggest and wonderful trouts I have ever seen. On the spawning last year we saw a big brownie that was over 100 cm and many more between 40-80 cm. It has taken them over 25 years to restore it but it is all worth it. It is wonderful to go there and watch the trout feeding.

I hope I can provide you guys with photos and stories about my adventures with the flybox before I send it to the next destination.

Well, that is a little about me and what I do.


My friend Emil is fishing my own little creek last spring.
Update April 11th 2011:
"As we had a terrible long winter here in Sweden and I havent fish with the box so much, I have decided to pass it over to a good friend here in Sweden who fishes more then I do. It has been a pleasure to have the box here and to be a part of the whole thing and I am sure my friend will take it to another level."
"The setup for today was my South Bend Custom 6.9ft #6 fibreglass rod and the Vagabond box was with me. There is a nice mix with the dead leaves from last autumn and the new fresh plants rising from the soil, spring is coming!!"

"We had a nice walk along the creek today. We saw Plecopteras hatching but no trouts of bows were rising. The water was a bit dirty and still cold and the fishes are slow. I have decided to let the box wander away to a nymph expert and se what he can do with it."

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    I will make an post later to tell little about my self and whats going on here in Sweden.

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