Monday, March 28, 2011

One Fish

So we went Northwest yesterday to chase some Steel. We got on the creek very early and it was pretty darn cold and windy. For most of the day, ice in the guides was a problem. It also became a problem for my reel, as I dunked it early haha. Regardless of all of this, we still got into some fish. I hooked a nice one early in the morning, only to shake its head a few times and give my fly back. We all rolled a couple, and all managed to catch at least one. I was pretty happy with the fish I landed. It was definitely fresh and full of fight. The best part was during the fight when the fish gave one great jump completely clearing the water, and dove back in. Only to be landed a few seconds later. Despite the lack-luster outcome, we still had fun and no one had to leave skunked. Here's a couple pics of what we saw...


  1. Sounds like a good day. never seen ice sicles like that - very cool. My wife will tell ya, i like shiney silver stuff...nice landing. Sadly, the only chrome here is on the fender of a kids bike.

  2. Yeah, they were so wild I had to snap a pic.