Monday, September 20, 2010

Early Steel

Yesterday a buddy and I ventured North in hopes of finding a few early Steel that made the upstream journey. I figured there would be some fish, but not any big numbers. We checked out a few places without finding any fish. At about noon, we came to another stream that was pretty full of fish, considering the water level and clarity (low and clear). We fished there for a few hours, and right before the end I hook and land a nice fish. It was my first Steelhead of this season too.I estimate it was over 30in and around 12lbs, fresh as ever, with his bright chrome colors. He jumped and cleared the water at least 10-15 times before I landed him. It was an awesome fight. I then got a picture and released him to fight another day.
After this, we made our way to another stream near us, and found some more fish. They were not anywhere but 2 holes pretty high upstream. As I found out after a nice scouting walk. So, I went back up to the 2 pods and fished them with my buddy for a while. We ended up pulling a few each out of this creek and made our way home. All in all it made for a great day. My buddy and I got into our first Steel of the year, and we had a fun day doing it as well. Good luck to all and please practice some good fishing etiquette this year.
Here's some pics for ya...

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