Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Trib

We headed North this weekend to the big Lake Erie trib in the hopes of getting into some big Steel. It turned out to be a pretty good day in the end. We got there early, and there were only 2 other cars parked there. We saw one group of guys walking upstream, and another couple fishing upstream, a good bit away from where we start. At this point, we were hoping there were fish while we practically had the place to ourselves. So, we got down to the creek to see that it was low, yet perfect green color. The excitement was building for me the whole walk to my first stop. I drifted a few areas, heading downstream gradually, with no luck at all. So, I decided to walk another quarter mile or so, to a spot I've fished only once or twice. When I arrived at this spot, it looked beatiful. There was a tree limb hanging in the water, and right below it was a prime drift. Within the first 15-20 minutes, I hooked 3 fish and landed only one. There were fish rising and jumping everywhere! It was a spectacular show! I radioed my buddy and told him he better come down and it was on from there. I hooked fish for the next couple of hours, managing to bring 2 more to hand. One of them was a bonus Brownie that was fresher than fresh. The other was a nice big Steelhead. Every fish fought like crazy, which made it even better.
After a few hours at this spot, we moved to another spot a couple of miles downstream for the last half of the day. It was extremely slow. In the time we were there we only saw 3 fish hooked and 1 landed I believe. It was nice though, because one of those was a 10lber that I landed. This was a nice colored fish. Its cheeks were an awesome bright pink. We saw a couple bald eagles during the day too. My buddy even saw one swoop down and grab a small jack out of the water for an afternoon snack. Unbelieveable! We fished until a couple hours before dark and called it a day. A good day in my book. Here's some pics for you to check out...

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