Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventures in Troutland

Got out to a nice little native Brookie stream yesterday for a few hours and I had a great time catching them on beetle patterns on the top. On the way out, I got to talking to a nice fly-fisherman I saw. Turns out, he knew a lot of the same people that I do, and we shared a lot of common ground. We traded a few flies, and talked water for about an hour. We started talking about small native and wild Trout waters, and he mentioned a spot that he had heard about, but never fished. I figured why not, and made the solo trek to see what, and if anything was going on there. When I got there, I immediately found some nice water. Within minutes I hooked into a nice sized native Brookie on the beetle, that was to be lost quickly following a few head shakes. I walked both up, and downstream of where I started and found beautiful water in both directions. A bunch of fish were brought to hand, a bunch lost, and pictures were taken of the one's that weren't too shy. What I really couldn't belive is that there were wild Browns, and native Brookies and Rainbows in this stream! I talked to a nice dude who lived along a stretch of the stream who gave me permission to access the water in the future whenever I want. We talked for a few minutes and he said that no one fishes this creek. This is probably because of the bigger stream that it is very close to. I can tell you one thing; I'll be back there very soon...

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