Monday, July 12, 2010

Not too hot.

I took another long walk on my home waters (at least 4-5 miles) during this summer heat and it turned out rather well in the long run. I was prepared for a tough day, and it was for the most part. I caught one Brownie around noon to start off the day. After that, it was at least 4 hrs before the next fish. This fish was on, and of in seconds. So after that, I proceeded to walk further downstream than I ever have. It ended up to be a good decision. I met another fella and he tuned me in to a few spots that he fishes down there. We both went even farther yet and found some fish in areas that aren't stocked at all. I was just ready to hit the road, when I hooked and landed my second Brownie of the day. I then landed 2 more rainbows within the next 15 minutes. It was pretty cool. A great end to a great day. Here's some of the sights...

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